Created as the development arm for the TyRex Technology Family, TekRex leads its manufacturing partners from research to production. As a team of experienced problem solvers, we drive development projects that allow the exploration of your new opportunities without diverting valuable resources from your operations.

We are 3D printing experts with a wide range of printers on-site to support the demands and requirements of virtually any project. We have hands-on experience with 3D printers based on Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), Stereolithography (SLA), Digital Light Processing (DLP), Digital Light Synthesis (DLS | CDLP), and Multijet technologies, as well as the design software and post-processing equipment required to operate each successfully at scale.

As a part of the TyRex Technology Family, our responsibility is to go beyond what’s expected of us. From STEM education and mobility issues to our technology family’s own signature nonprofit RecognizeGood, we believe involvement in our community creates purposeful employment for our staff, challenges us to approach business solutions from different perspectives, and contributes to an overall community where our businesses and families can prosper.

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Let the successful projects of our clients speak for themselves with a look at these case studies.

TekRex M2 3D Printer


To ensure successful 3D printing, we work with an extensive knowledge of materials, machines, and software. Find out what we’re working with.

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Our team is comprised of a diverse mix of business and engineering experts containing over 70 years of combined experience with Fortune 50 companies and entrepreneurial enterprises, all here to ensure your success.


TekRex is just one vital part of the TyRex Technology Family. Find out what we can do together.


Dedicated expertise working for you.


Successful business is a series of interlocking personal commitments.


Focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and community.


Built to last, a proud member and resident of the community we serve.

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