TekRex develops technology solutions that bring winning ideas to life for customers in a range of industries. From evaluating the business case around your idea and assisting with design considerations to identifying jigs and fixtures, or developing a 3D printing strategy for your organization, we meet you where you are and help boost your business forward.

Medical Device Redesign


CHALLENGE: A medical device company needed a quick turnaround on a new design for one their products.

SOLUTION: Using an SLA printer to print multiple iterations in a transparent and tough material, our team could stress test and navigate the design process to get results quicker.

IMPACT: Reduced development cost by 97% vs injection modeling and iteration time from 6 weeks to 1 day.

Capacitor Holder Redesign


CHALLENGE: The Select Laster Sintering (SLS) capacitor holder from a 3D printing service bureau was out of tolerance and the design created stress on the wire connections when trying to remove the capacitor pack.

SOLUTION: Switched to a more reliable and cost effective 3D printing method after discussing design improvements.

IMPACT: 20% cost reduction. Stress-free capacitor pack removal and better fit.

Launch Pack


CHALLENGE: Low quantity injection molded part mandated purchasing 2 years of supply and amortizing the molding cost into the cost of the finished goods.

SOLUTION: Redesign the part to enable 3D printing capability.

IMPACT: Reduced inventory to 2 months: $10,000 – 50% reduction in COGS.

Production Alignment

Assembly Aid

CHALLENGE: Production Team had difficulty aligning a sticker with complex geometry to a sheet metal enclosure.

SOLUTION: Designed a sticker assembly aid that perfectly aligns to the enclosure.

IMPACT: Tripled daily unit production. $56,000 labor cost savings.

Production Tool


CHALLENGE: Customer needed a safe and reliable way to remove a tab from an existing shell with a curved body to accommodate new electrical layout.

SOLUTION: Designed a fixture with a flat surface to cradle the shell while using a hot knife to remove the tab.

IMPACT: Simplified the rework and improved accuracy and final appearance while reducing the labor time by 20%.


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