TekRex develops technology solutions that bring winning ideas to life for customers in a range of industries. From evaluating the business case around your idea and assisting with design considerations to identifying jigs and fixtures, or developing a 3D printing strategy for your organization, we meet you where you are and help boost your business forward.

Fiber Optic Loopback


CHALLENGE: A fiber optic cable manufacturer wanted to design their own version of a loopback, a common testing device that “loops” a signal back through a transceiver port to verify that the port is working correctly. With their own product they could avoid high prices and large levels of inventory. They could also improve upon existing designs for applications with tight form factors.

SOLUTION: TekRex worked with the manufacturer to design loopbacks for a variety of adapter types and form factors. When it came time for production, the Carbon M2 printer was chosen due to its high level of finish and production capacity. Of special note is the how the MTP loopback (the rightmost model) had a special locking mechanism for ease of assembly.

IMPACT: This line of loopbacks continues to be a highly sought-after product through the manufacturer’s online store, and is offered at a price below its competitors. Due to it being 3D printed, the manufacturer keeps inventory and its associated costs to a minimum.

Thinkery Banks


CHALLENGE: Austin’s children’s museum, Thinkery, wanted to make a splash with centerpieces at their annual Imaginarium fundraiser. With a focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math), a 3D-printed, geometric version of their mascot was a perfect fit – but where to start?

SOLUTION: Charting a course of action based on a paper model and a preferred color palette, TekRex went through several iterations for a functional piggy bank that could be produced in volume quickly and under the nonprofit’s budget.

IMPACT: The models were a hit, and 50 models were auctioned off with all proceeds benefiting Thinkery. With the help of the piggy banks, their event was hugely successful and the TekRex team was happy to contribute to Thinkery’s mission to equip and inspire the next generation of problem solvers.

Customized Potting Solution

Assembly Aid

CHALLENGE: A customer specializing in microwave technology had a product with a fragile cable breakout. Due to volume and time constraints, a traditional overmold wasn’t a viable option.

SOLUTION: TekRex and sister company, iRex, designed, printed and assembled the new products in one week as compared to the 6-week lead time for traditional manufacturing.

IMPACT: The cable assemblies and their overmold alternatives were created at a price and timeframe impossible through traditional manufacturing and with excellent build quality due to the custom shape.

University Tribute


CHALLENGE: Local university needed ‘cornerstone’ commemorative gift for its centennial anniversary.

SOLUTION: After a few iterations and presentations with the university, a specialty stone-like European PLA material – combined with the services of a local pad printing company for the needed text – was selected as the best solution.

IMPACT: The research and design by TekRex provided a highly-customized, high-quality and cost-effective ‘wow’ factor for university supporters to commemorate its 100-year anniversary.

Medical Device Redesign


CHALLENGE: A medical device company needed a quick turnaround on a new design for one their products.

SOLUTION: Using an SLA printer to print multiple iterations in a transparent and tough material, our team could stress test and navigate the design process to get results quicker.

IMPACT: Reduced development cost by 97% vs injection modeling and iteration time from 6 weeks to 1 day.

Launch Pack


CHALLENGE: Low quantity injection molded part mandated purchasing 2 years of supply and amortizing the molding cost into the cost of the finished goods.

SOLUTION: Redesign the part to optimize for 3D printing instead of injection molding, allowing for creative design changes and inventory control.

IMPACT: Reduced inventory to 2 weeks’ supply and cost by 50%. Using 3D printing and the new design, customer was able to begin offering branded products at a lower cost and update design as needed.

Custom Bit


CHALLENGE: A company making secure devices needed a custom bit pattern to prevent tampering. They needed the bit sourced quickly while avoiding the high costs of injection molding.

SOLUTION: After extensive material and production analysis, we produced a piece at a price point only slightly higher than an off-the-shelf part

IMPACT: Exceeded the client’s expectation in terms of time, cost, and quality of finish.

Capacitor Holder Redesign


CHALLENGE: The Select Laster Sintering (SLS) capacitor holder from a 3D printing service bureau was out of tolerance and the design created stress on the wire connections when trying to remove the capacitor pack.

SOLUTION: Switched to a more reliable and cost effective 3D printing method after discussing design improvements.

IMPACT: 20% cost reduction. Stress-free capacitor pack removal and better fit.

Production Alignment

Assembly Aid

CHALLENGE: Production Team had difficulty aligning a sticker with complex geometry to a sheet metal enclosure.

SOLUTION: Designed a sticker assembly aid that perfectly aligns to the enclosure.

IMPACT: Tripled daily unit production. $56,000 labor cost savings.

Production Tool


CHALLENGE: Customer needed a safe and reliable way to remove a tab from an existing shell with a curved body to accommodate new electrical layout.

SOLUTION: Designed a fixture with a flat surface to cradle the shell while using a hot knife to remove the tab.

IMPACT: Simplified the rework and improved accuracy and final appearance while reducing the labor time by 20%.


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