TekRex is a proud member of the TyRex Technology Family. Along with our sister companies, TekRex can help provide you with custom technology solutions throughout the entire product life cycle. By leveraging the capabilities of our family network, TekRex can go beyond its core services to provide you a complete, one-stop solution that includes product reliability testing, DLP® & optics solutions, custom cables and assembly, fiber optic solutions and software development. Through this family-wide collaboration, TekRex has assisted numerous clients with their technology solution needs. Click the links below for information to learn more about the strong company culture at TyRex. to Click the links below for information on TyRex family of Technology Companies can help you with your technology needs in wide variety of areas.

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Your Technology Solutions Partner

A preferred service provider for major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), SabeRex offers a wide array of technology services across the entire United States and beyond. Backed by a management team with diversified expertise spanning industries from aerospace and telecommunications to retail, oil & gas, information technology, alternate energy and more, SabeRex provides solutions throughout a product’s entire life cycle that range from simple to complex and can take our clients’ products from beginning to end or anywhere in between. We have built our reputation on best-in-class, custom services in several major Core Competencies, which combine to create a total-solution approach including everything from additive manufacturing and customized kitting to flexible deployment, efficient assembly, complex repairs and expert field services.

TekRex partners with SabeRex to provide prototype customers with full-scale production and deployment.

Your Product Reliability Partner

Recognized as one of the top product reliability labs in the country with a unique balance of testing and consulting services, Austin Reliability Labs (ARL) is a place where we recognize the hard work and passion that goes into the design and development of your product. We have that same passion for excellence, and want to find any problems your product may have in an effort to perfect it. We also understand a reputation is something that builds over time, so we focus on establishing long-term partnerships with each of our clients. With that in mind, we not only specialize in writing and developing all of the tests we perform, but, unlike other labs, we provide pass / fail reports on all of our tests and decipher the results for you in order to maximize your product’s success. We believe quality is infused by finding every flaw in a product and methodically removing each one until the product shines. As a result, only a thorough, comprehensive reliability test program, as provided by ARL, will allow a product to emerge that will earn or maintain an unsullied and clean brand reputation.

TekRex partners with Austin Reliability Labs to provide product designers with rapid prototyping and reverse engineering.

Your Software Development Partner

Saber Data is your premier partner for software development with a dedicated team experienced on a wide range of platforms including mobile (Android, iOS, Windows), Linux and Windows. In addition to our development offerings, we also provide hardware and software integration, resource augmentation, project management / planning, IT management, website services and consulting. Over the years, Saber Data has offered customers in a vast array of industries (including Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Logistics, Gaming, Bitcoin, Retail / Etail, Telecom, Nonprofits) with custom, stand-alone and bundled services to meet their software, hardware, online and IT needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

TekRex partners with Saber Data on technical consultations and software development projects.

Your Fiber Optic Solutions Partner

A global industry leader in fiber optic connectivity, Megladon has spent 15 years developing and perfecting the HLC® interconnect. Our patented technology and process results in the only reference-grade interconnect that is reliable, rugged, repeatable and provides maximum performance. With millions of products deployed worldwide, our fiber optic technology has been proven time and again to solve many of the problems encountered in network deployment and maintenance. We have also used the HLC process as the foundation to develop unique passive fiber optic solutions for our customers.

TekRex partners with Megladon to provide fiber customers with customized product solutions.

Your Custom Cable Assemblies Partner

Established in 2001 with a goal of absolute customer satisfaction, iRex is a world-class contract manufacturer of quality cable assemblies and harnesses. ISO 9001:2015 certified, iRex is your ideal cable house; providing customers with the highest-quality products at competitive pricing while offering unparalleled service and technical support. Our experienced and highly-skilled staff provides interconnect solutions to a multitude of industries throughout the world. Whatever your cabling challenge, iRex is here to help.

TekRex partners with iRex Custom Cables to provide customized enclosures and accessories for cable customers.

Your System Integration & Assembly Partner

Backed by a highly-skilled staff with expertise in assemblies for a multitude of industries, Arctos Assembly has provided full “built-to-print” contract manufacturing services for printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies, sub-assemblies and system-level assemblies (box builds) while also specializing in supply chain management and customized integration since 2001. Our facility has been granted ISO 9001:2008 certification by UL DQS Inc. and allows our assembly group to combine the power of a global supply chain with nimble, highly-responsive manufacturing operations; delivering a vertically-integrated product solution focused on high-quality rapid turnaround, expertly engineered prototyping, and cost-efficient solutions.

TekRex partners with Arctos Assembly to integrate circuit boards into various product designs and design enclosures for PCB box build assembly.

World Leader in DLP® Light Exploration

Regarded as the world leader in DLP® light exploration, Digital Light Innovations (DLi) is a full-service design and manufacturing company with extensive experience creating unique DLP®-based solutions for a broad range of applications. While providing custom design services for all stages of a product’s life cycle, from consulting to production; we specialize in custom optics, prototype design and deployment, product manufacturing, and distribution. Our team simply has all of the resources and knowledge to take your concept and turn it into a reality. Notably, DLi was the first to receive the DLP® Authorized Design House designation from Texas Instruments (TI). DLi partnered with TI to design the electronic controller boards, firmware and Explorer API control software utilized by the best-selling DLP® Discovery™ 4100 platform. DLi also partners with TI to manufacture the DLP® LightCrafter™ 6500 & 9000 EVMs and Development Kits.

TekRex partners with Digital Light Innovations on optical design and technical drawings.

Built to Last … Built to Work

The technology companies that make up the TyRex Family are connected by something beyond the industry itself – something that we think is truly Special By Design®.  From our uncompromising commitment to quality and customized solutions for the entire life cycle of your product to our lasting relationships forged by personal commitments to our business partners, TyRex is a company built to last. Behind it all, our strong company culture guides each and every decision we make, defined by six principles we call our Diamond Disciplines. No matter what your technology needs are, contact us, and we can provide you with an engineered solution that meets your needs.


Dedicated expertise working for you.


Successful business is a series of interlocking personal commitments.


Focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and community.


Built to last, a proud member and resident of the community we serve.

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