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TekRex is the Development arm for six TyRex Technology Family companies, and offers the same services to external entities to help them develop technologies that bring their winning ideas to life. We begin by evaluating the business case around your idea and assist with design considerations.

Assembly Enclosure

An aerospace company needed 100 specialized board and housing assemblies for test sites on a compressed timeline. There were no existing enclosures on the market that would work for their specific application, and they didn’t have the bandwidth to design or build a mold for the enclosure.

Fiber Optic Loopback

A company had a new product idea, but the pricing per unit was too high using injection molding due to tooling costs and the need for multiple designs.

Fiber Launch Pack

Low volume fiber launch packs required expensive injection mold tooling with high minimum orders. This made changes to design impractical and created high inventory carrying costs.

Custom Security Bit

A company making secure devices needed a hardware screw that would prevent easy access to the devices. They designed a custom bit pattern that could not be bought and needed a sourcing solution quickly, while avoiding the high costs associated with injection molding tooling.

Custom Connector Jig

A test equipment manufacturer was having issues with cables that included a metal oxide varistor (MOV) fitting through an enclosure cutout. Without a solution they would have to rework the cables – creating a significant cost and time penalty.

Capacitor Holder

A company used a 3D Printing Bureau for a capacitor holder to be used in a control box. The bureau printed the part using a powder-based SLS process based on the file sent. The finished product didn’t align with mounting holes, and a powder residue was left in the finished holders.


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