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TekRex is the Development arm for six TyRex Technology Family companies, and offers the same services to external entities to help them develop technologies that bring their winning ideas to life. We begin by evaluating the business case around your idea and assist with design considerations.

Water Probe

A company making water quality test probes needed complex parts made that could withstand the rigors of underwater use. TekRex was able to not only increase the part quality, but save on cost at the same time.

Thinkery Banks

Austin’s children’s museum, Thinkery, wanted to make a splash with centerpieces at their annual Imaginarium fundraiser. TekRex created a custom piggy bank and printed a limited run on time and under budget.

Cable Overmolding Alternative

A customer specializing in microwave technology needed an overmold to protect a delicate cable breakout, but tooling costs and lead times left them with nothing but bad options. TekRex designed and printed a custom housing, then worked through sister company iRex for the final cable assembly to deliver a cost-effective solution to the customer in under a week.

University Tribute

Concordia University Texas visualized a special commemoration for its upcoming centennial anniversary – a replication of an original cornerstone on its campus to serve as a reminder for key funders and stakeholders. Research and design by TekRex provided a highly-customized, high-quality and cost-effective ‘wow’ factor for university supporters to commemorate its 100-year anniversary.

Custom Security Bit

A company making secure devices needed a hardware screw that would prevent easy access to the devices. Using 3D printing, TekRex quickly delivered a part with a custom bit pattern that could not be bought, at a price point only slightly higher than an off the shelf part.


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