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Water Probe Case Study

TekRex Case Study: Custom Water Probe

Delicate, complex water testing probes need precision printing and durability that only a Carbon printer can provide.

Welcome to another installment in TekRex’s case studies video series. Here at TekRex, our focus on our clients’ success has led to some remarkable solutions, some of which we’ll dive into here. In this particular case, our client is a water quality testing company. Their products require a high level of precision and durability and they’re growing fast- meaning they need their parts made quickly and at a reasonable cost.

The TekRex team got to work right away analyzing the best way to go about making these parts, and first focused on a custom water probe that would withstand underwater use. Due to the complex nature of some of the components, it quickly became evident that 3D printing was the way to go. After a few quick iterations based on our feedback, we had a model optimized and ready to go. For a project needing this level of complexity, precision, and durability we decided on our Carbon M2 as the production printer.

When it was all said and done, our client had 3D printed parts complete with precision-printed screw threads that fit seamlessly with the rest of the assembly. The part was designed such that no other manufacturing process could produce the part except for 3D printing as there were features that traditional machining processes could not get tooling to. That’s not all of course – due to the design work put in at the start, the project actually finished ahead of schedule. Faster, cheaper, better- exactly how we here at TekRex like it.

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