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TKRX Water Slide Diverter YMCA Case Study

TekRex Case Study: Water Slide Diverter

When a local branch of a nonprofit organization encountered a problem with their newly set-up outdoor attraction, TekRex engineering slid past a costly replacement and into action for an innovative repair solution.

Welcome to another installment in TekRex’s case studies video series. Here at TekRex, our focus on our clients’ success has led to some remarkable solutions, some of which we’ll dive into here.

During the summer of 2022, Austin’s Northwest Family YMCA installed an outdoor water slide connected to its outdoor pool area to add to the number of activities available to its program members. After the installation was complete and the slide was put into operation, the YMCA team noticed an installation design problem.

YMCA Water Slide Case Study

The part which sends water down the slide was applied improperly, sending water out the slide entrance and onto the pavement below, wasting nearly 10,000 gallons of water per year.

Due to code, the YMCA team couldn’t attach any additional materials to the slide to redirect the water or reinstall it at a different angle which would add additional holes on the structure. The slide manufacturer was willing to design a replacement that would cost between $7,000 – $10,000.

A nonprofit with few options and limited resources, The YMCA team was in need of a safe, reliable and effective solution that met code requirements to prevent potential slips and unnecessary water waste. The TyRex Group’s Family of Technology Companies and engineering powerhouse TekRex lent its expertise at no cost to deliver a 3D printed solution.

Watch the video below to see our Design Engineering services in action.

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