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TekRex Case Study: Custom CNC Router

When a company was needing a customization method for off-the-shelf enclosures for their products, TekRex engineering guidance paired this company’s production challenge with the right machine solution and instruction process.

Welcome to another installment in TekRex’s case studies video series. Here at TekRex, our focus on our clients’ success has led to some remarkable solutions, some of which we’ll dive into here.

A company needed to customize off-the-shelf enclosures for their products by machining new holes into them. The planned volumes this company was looking to produce justified them investing in their own computer numerical control (CNC) router.

For expert advisory, the company turned to TekRex to help them decide which CNC machine to purchase and then modify the machine so that it could accommodate the larger dimensions of the enclosure they were intending to customize.

Watch the video below to see our Engineering Staffing services in action.

TekRex engineers were able to increase the size of the machine by installing gantry extensions. TekRex had the newly customized CNC router up and running in time for the company to start their new product line and train the company’s staff to be able to operate the machine safely and efficiently.

By partnering with TekRex to invest in and develop an in-house machining process, the company is on track to save thousands that it would have otherwise paid in outsourcing.

For more information about our engineering services, reach out to the TekRex team today!

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