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Custom Bit CAD and 3D Printer

TekRex Case Study: Custom Bit

TekRex develops technology solutions that bring winning ideas to life for customers in a range of industries. In this first video of our case study series, we were working with a manufacturer that creates secure devices. To reduce the risk of tampering with their devices, they designed a custom bit to use during assembly. Due to the limited nature of its use, creating the part using injection molding was out of the question.

And that’s where we came in. TekRex weighed the pros and cons of our wide selection of 3D printers and materials, eventually landing on an SLA printer as the perfect way to balance price, speed, and durability. When it was all said and done, our client had a custom-made part for only slightly more than what they would pay for an off-the-shelf part.

It turned out that this piece was only the beginning to a long and fruitful partnership that continues to create innovative solutions. In other words, all in a day’s work for TekRex.

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